The Red Tent is a gathering of women, filled with ritual and storytelling, in celebration of our bodies, our sisterhood and our feminine power. We meet monthly around the new moon, symbolizing the time when the feminine was honored, when women came to a menstrual hut to support each other and to share personal stories and collective wisdom.

In the Red Tent, we honor our selves, the red rhythmic thread that flows through our womb, our ability to give birth, and the ecstatic nature of our sexual pleasure.  We celebrate our tears, our intuition, the natural wonder of our cycles, and our Divine uniqueness. We come together to share our feminine power, the joy of our successes, our sacred vulnerability, and our essential connection of Sisterhood! 

We are recovering the lost tradition of women sharing timeless wisdom!

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    A gathering at the New Moon, in celebration of Women’s Mysteries, our Wisdom, our Red Rhythms, our Sacred Pleasure, and our Sisterhood.



    Meetup: Red Tent For Women – Los Angeles