Masking and Unmasking, Conceal and Reveal with WOWZA

/Masking and Unmasking, Conceal and Reveal with WOWZA
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Red Tent Los Angeles, New Moon, Monday, Oct. 28th, 7 – 9:30 pm

It’s almost Halloween! Join us and our Special Guest, WOWZA!
Nearly 83 years young, Wowza is a founder of Expressive Arts Therapy over 50 years ago. Her innovative body work liberates our contricted body language unconciously shaped by the politics of culture. Ageless vitality is her gig, and she is a living treasure who can uniquely unleash and free that which is hidden and concealed.
Please see her bio below.

Together, we will mask and unmask to expand our life force energy. This ancient practice, begun by shamans in sacred ceremony, awakens our freedom through expressing more playfulness, generosity, and creativity with ourselves and with our community.

Come play with masks (bring yours, and we will have masks too), concealing and revealing the light and shadow of our multidimensional selves!


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DOORS OPEN at 7:00 pm. and we start at 7:30 pm. Also, take care to nourish yourself before coming so you are fully present and able to enjoy the experience.

Red adornments and dress will enhance your experience (no worries if you don’t own red!).
Bring red luscious fruits, red rose petals, red roses and/or fresh flower bouquets to co-create sacred temple space for us to bathe in the high frequencies of beauty together. Bring a water bottle, too!
Also, important to bring your favorite crystal that calls to your womb and feminine energy for the event and any special altar items to decorate, along with your journal to jot down inspirations and visions.

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The Red Tent is a gathering of women filled with ritual and storytelling in celebration of women’s mysteries. We meet rhythmically around the new moon, symbolizing the time when the feminine was honored, when women came to a menstrual hut to bleed and share personal stories and wisdom.

In the Red Tent, we celebrate our bodies, our rhythmic cycles, our ability to give birth, our tears, and our intuition. We celebrate our menstrual flow, the wisdom of menopause, the red thread through our matriarchal line, the ecstatic nature of our sex, and our divine uniqueness. We come together to celebrate our feminine power, the joy of our successes, our sacred vulnerability, our divine pleasure and our essential connection!
In April 2019, Red Tent Los Angeles launched the Red Tent Wisdom Circle. This is a platform which curates live and online programs in the areas of Intimacy, Vitality, and Self-sufficiency for the healing of ourselves, our sisterhood, and our world. Please visit us at and like us on Instagram!

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Red Tent Los Angeles is facilitated by Greta Hassel, Intimacy Coach and Sexual Educator. Her Masters’ Degrees in Theology and Psychology include the lifelong study of Modern Psychology, Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Sexuality that uniquely qualify her in healing the painful split between sex and spirit. Greta facilitates playful, heart-centered, workshops bringing conscious sensuality to couples and singles. Currently she offers “Calling in Love for A Lifetime” for women Magnetizing True Love. This course weaves together with juicy secrets from the Red Tent with Greta’s certification as a “Calling in the One” Coach, based on the powerful technology created by Katherine Woodward. Greta offers turbo-charged empowerment sessions on the beach for individuals and/or couples to tune-up, up-level, and live in alignment with one’s passion and gifts for a world that works for all.


A professional actor, Wowza appeared in numerous film, prime time TV, stage productions and trained with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio in which her classmates were Marilyn Monroe and Jane Fonda. Some of her television, film and stage work includes: Ben Casey, Valentine’s Day, Burke’s Law, Day in Court, Batman, Bewitched, Wild Wild West, Get Smart, Mission: Impossible, Mannix, Hogan’s Heroes, Divorce Court, Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Marty. She had the staring role in Judy’s Little NoNo, Play it Again Sam with Red Buttons and was featured in the Red Skelton Show and lead role in documentary, Story of an Operating Room Nurse. Dozens of commercials of major brands, three season’s as leading lady at Lake Lucerne Playhouse, N.Y., The Loved Ones with Rod Steiger, and The Bellboy with Jerry Lewis.

Wowza’s passion for coaching actors started in the 70s as an Acting Teacher at Antioch College in Los Angeles. She continued coaching in the 80s with On Camera, using video feedback to prepare guests for The Johnny Carson show. Wowza went on to teach Sacred Actor workshops around the country, an was creator of her own performing arts company, Theatre of the Earth. Today, her expertise is unparalleled in coaching actors, dancers, singers and motivational speakers to bust loose of any inhibitory barriers into the authentic expression of their unlimited creative nature.