A Wise Woman

By Stepanie Dumant

Accessing our innate wisdom and intuition is necessary to tap into our highest potential.  You can choose to live satisfactorily; waiting for weekends, grabbing from the external, getting by, exhausted, and doing ok day to day.  Wise women want more.  To tap into our highest potential, we need a solid personal foundation of wisdom and intuition from which to act and set value-based goals; not a personal foundation built on sand, but one built on stone.  Otherwise, what happens when the winds come and the rains come and your house is built on sand?

 A happy pace vs. Being busy

We are born and raised as a society of do-ers. Things get busier and more chaotic daily, if we allow them.  “busyness is not progression!”  It is imperative for us to connect with ourselves everyday before getting caught up in the whirlwind of this world; not just connecting with friends on facebook, not just checking email, but checking in with ourselves.  How many of you check in with yourself daily?  We must ask ourselves if our needs are being met and if our goals are still in alignment with who we are today.  We must appreciate our beautiful lives, and tap in to ourselves to access what’s next.  We are constantly in motion, rushing from one place to the next, from one person to another, and it’s difficult for us to get clear and to sense what is working for us and what is not.  Wise women enjoy the process, not just when they finish or get there.  Who do you need to become in order to live each day at a pace you enjoy?

 Practicing mindfulness vs. Living one thing to the next  

What does it mean to be mindful?  Mindfulness is being present.  This means you are not running from one thing to the next, one person to the next, without actually being there; it means you are choosing to be present wherever you are.  Presence brings a sense of joy and peace to those who become aware.  A favorite client of mine was bringing her new, award winning documentary to a film festival in latvia, last month.  She and her non-profit are wildly successful now, constantly booked back to back. As i hugged her, i paused and looked her in the eye to remind her “to enjoy each person and location she visited.”  I reminded her to “be present, and take in all the goodness and excitement she would experience.”  She thanked me, said my reminder was a gift, and promised she would.  Wise women practice presence.

Asking for what you want vs. Complaining

We’re manifesting quickly these days!  Recently on a mastermind call i led, one of the members said he was getting antsy for a new partnership in a company he wasn’t entering until end of the month.  I asked him, “if you were starting tomorrow, would you be prepared?”  He said, “that’s a good point. There are many things i need to lay out before i begin.” A few minutes later, coincidentally, he informed us he had to jump off, because his soon-to-be partner called, asking him to begin the following monday!  Turnaround time is fast.  We must prepare ourselves and pay attention to what we are creating or what we are blocking.  What we say to ourselves and to others has tremendous power.  We’re backward in our society.  We obsess about things we don’t want, unconscious of the fact that as we do, we are setting up the exact scenario we would abhor.  We must get clear first and ask for what we want.  We have not been taught that asking for what we want is ok, so instead we bitch, moan, and complain about our needs not getting met, not realizing that with every negative repetition, we are asking for more of the same!  Wise women ask for what they want, and if it’s for them, they get it!   

Self-care vs. Sick care– taking care of our bodies is a crucial trait of the wise woman.  Most of you take good care of your physical bodies, this is imperative to reaching our highest potential.  I am here to remind you to take care of your mental, psychological, and emotional bodies as well.  We cannot successfully have one without the other, or else our foundation is merely temporary.  We can not access wisdom and intuition without clarity.  Clarity is a weeding out process, getting rid of negative thoughts, defeating language, gossip, and trivialities that no longer serve who we are or what we aspire to become.  Wise women make well-being a priority.

Eliminate tolerations vs. Living in overwhelm-  in order for us to live lives of wisdom and high potential, we need to eliminate things, and dare i say, sometimes even people, that hold us back.  Yesterday on a mastermind call, a new member about to share her 3 greatest obstacles with the group said, “i am my greatest obstacle!” The call went quiet.  You could slice the authenticity with a knife.  We tolerate things repeatedly, then forget about them.  Those things eat away at our energy and productivity.  Things we tolerate take up space in our brains.  We need clear channels to access our wisdom and intuition, to up-level, and to accomplish what is truly meaningful for us.  We must identify tolerations and eliminate them on a regular basis, to clear the channels from source.  Wise women eliminate what no longer serves them.

 Today we honor wise women who have made a mark on our lives.  Join me in this exercise.  Who are two wise women you know?  Let’s raise a glass to them!  What characteristics do they exemplify that you’d like to acquire?  How can you be more like them?  Write these qualities down.  Keep them close to you and allow them to inspire your next level of greatness.

“a wise woman can predict the future because she creates it!”