Awaken Your Inner Goddess: Connect to the Soul of Your Yoni Re-birth our World – Wise, Healed and Whole

/Awaken Your Inner Goddess: Connect to the Soul of Your Yoni Re-birth our World – Wise, Healed and Whole
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Awaken Your Inner Goddess:
Connect to the Soul of Your Yoni
Re-birth our World – Wise, Healed and Whole
Special Guests:
Join this special event to re-align with our Inner truth, connect our Power as a Sisterhood, and summon restoration, wholeness and balance for ALL. As we are nourished and resourced with internationally talented guides, we stoke our fire, release our fragrance, and bring balance to Mother Earth and one another.
Elana will guide us in Embodiment Practices to GROUND and ACTIVATE our Root and Womb.
Mare will support us to re-FLOWER our Yoni and integrate our Feminine Power with whole body O Breath.
Mare and Greta will awaken our Sacred Feminine Power to birth our shared VISION of a Healthy Sane and Sensual Planet.
We gather on ZOOM, link sent to those “GOING” and “INTERESTED”, or email to request link.
$20 Donations appreciated
Venmo: @Greta-HasselGrace
A muse and method to tap into nature, lead with integrity, and live in a body you trust. Worked with ABC, Wanderlust, Gillette, Verizon, Esalen, Lulumon and more!
HOW TO WILD: A 5-Week digital Course to reconnect the modern woman to her wild side. Begins October 14th. Meta method dance, erotic techniques, accountability sisterhood, ritual practices.
Instagram: @metamethod,
ECTE, Elite Certified Tantra Educator
Exploring from the West to the East, Mare has been a Pioneer and connoisseur of Gourmet Sex for over 30 years. Mare is a jolly Erotic Gourmet who loves exploring the inner and outer edges of arousal as healing. Through her healing work, pain, blocks and fear can transform into energy which can easily become ecstatic. A former Sex Surrogate and forever Dakini: an initiatress of the sacred erotic arts. Mare continues to advance in Tantra, and other sacred sexual spaces through monthly offerings of women’s groups, and couples groups; virtual and privates. She’s been documented on major TV and print as in: ABC, NBC, HBO, ITV, PlayboyTV and more
Facebook: MareSimone in TantraHeaven
Greta is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Intimacy Coach and Sexual Educator.
Her Masters Degrees in Divinity and Psychology are the foundation for an education that includes the lifelong study of Modern Psychology, Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Sexuality. Her background, commitment and passion uniquely qualify her in healing the painful split between sex and spirit to restore the God given birthright of our sexual pleasure.
Greta is the creator of the group “Love, God, and Sex”, and facilitates “Red Tent Los Angeles” for women designed to activate the fire of women’s power and passion, and release the fragrance of one’s feminine essence. She has been featured on Fox, CBS, and a variety of radio interviews.
Greta has worked with women, men, and couples for 30 years and has a private practice in West LA and on Zoom.
Website: gretahasselgrace (copy & paste)