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/Discover Your Human Design * With Sabine Messner
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“Are you ready to dive deep into your Soul and EMERGE with the gift of self-illumination so you can light the way?”
I, Greta, am over the moon excited to bring you an exceptional presenter – a woman I had the great pleasure to get to know in the recent weeks. Her name is Sabine Messner, and she’s a multidimensional Soul Seer and spiritual entrepreneur who liberates people to live and fulfill their purpose in everyday life and business. Blending her innate intuition with in-depth training, she will give us a life-changing introduction to Human Design.
Sabine invites us… “If you’re not familiar with Human Design, it is the first Aquarian Age System that accelerates human awakening at rapid speed. Human Design allows us to remember who we truly are, why we are here, and how we operate in the world so that we can joyfully create our lives, and thus the world at large.
It turns out, we are precisely designed the way we are so we can execute our life’s purpose to perfection. That simple. That sacred. That powerful. And yes, THAT divine. Nothing is wasted. So yes, that so-called “Junk DNA” is a total farce!
Everything serves a purpose, pointing us to where we’re going with our lives, and how we will get there with joy and ease. That’s the ultimate gift of Human Design. It helps us navigate the maze of our colliding worlds and dimensions.
But here’s why Human Design really matters – NOW. Earth and all of her inhabitants are at a colossal crossroads. We have to evolve beyond what has been – and quickly. I think we can all agree that we’re out of time to wait for global solutions to occur. The responsibility now lies with every individual. Because we’re also expecting massive earth changes – from extreme weather to mass migration, to political unrest and social instability – the question begs:
How will you navigate these monumental existential challenges that lie ahead?
And how will you positively impact the awakening of the planet? I believe that when all people who’re currently intrigued by Human Design would start living it, humanity would evolve rapidly. We’d all be realizing our destinies and having a fantastic time shifting to our highest timelines.”
So, are you ready to pull the curtain so you can live a life on purpose?
Additionally, click on the this link to receive two free Master Classes that Sabine is generously gifting Red Tent sisters. You are invited to listen to these BEFORE the Red Tent to orient you to absorb your Human Design. Included will be a link that allows you to download your free HUMAN DESIGN report.
Sabine Messner is a visionary Futurist and 5D Business Consultant, showing individuals how to enterprise their higher calling. Sabine holds an M.A. in Visual Communication from the Berlin University of the Arts and is the founder and creator of Soul Purpose Branding® and Soul Purpose Wealth.